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   We will foster and adopt out domestic animals who are eligible for adoption. There will be an application that the applicant must pass in order to be eligible to adopt. Any animals coming from the wild will be cared for until healthy and then set free to their natural habitat. 


  We would love a chance to come to schools and educate children about foxes and other well tamed animals we have available. The more people know about wild animals the better their understanding for respecting the life that surrounds us all.

  We are looking for a large piece of land with housing built already on to it. We want to be on site at all times and allow volunteers to come through and be part of the solution. We will build enclosures around fenced in yards so that the animals are safe but also can roam. We want to give a safe space to run and play.


  We have found a home with 37 acres. This includes; 1 horse stable that we could use to rescue race horses, 2 barns, 3 acres of camp site, a home with enough rooms to have volunteers stay for a few days at a time. This land is more than enough to save tons of lives as well as stay for a very long time. The land and home are 400k if we raise 50k we can do a downpayment as well as fencing. I have volunteers ready to help. We can get everything up and running in less than 2 months. 

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