Giving Foxes a Second Chance
Animal sanctuary & anti-fur farm advocacy.

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OUr Purpose


With Fur farms thriving in 23 US states, our mission is to give foxes and other animals a second chance at life and to provide a safe space for compassion and education to come together.

(the foxes in the photos are rescues from Save A Fox. Once we have our land we will be adopting Jack and Luka. They will be our first residents. Jack and Luka are a bonded pair and also bonded with Sasha the founder of For Fox Sake Sanctuary. They inspired the sanctuary)


Looking forward to going to schools and events to help educate people about our animals. One thing we hold close to our hearts is that education is key to understanding animals and what they need/deserve. 

Land Aquisition

  We are looking for a large piece of land with housing built already on to it. We want to be on site at all times and allow volunteers to come through and be part of the solution. We will build safe spaces for the animals to run and play. Help us find our space in PA. You can help by emailing us properties that are at least 5 acres, thank you.


We are a 501(C)3 non-profit

we are based out of Pennsylvania 

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About Us

BREAKING NEWS: Fur farming banned in the Netherlands


Founder Sasha Moon has set forth their life long dream of helping animals. With many years of experience in volunteering at various vet offices, wildlife sanctuaries, rescues and they’ve finally set in motion to spend their life putting all that education to even more use. Building a sanctuary for fur farm rescues, racehorse rescues and any other animals in need of a safe space to heal.            

 Here at For Fox Sake, we have built a trusted team of board members and regular volunteers. Introducing the sanctuary’s President Sasha who on the side is a barber and who enjoys the outdoors, volunteering and spending time with their wife Brittany and their pups Zero, Dazzle who was adopted in Colorado, as well as their DC rescue kitty Lucipurr.              


 Our Vice President is Sarah Van Reed. When Sarah isn’t working on the sanctuary she is working with elderly people as nurse for a retirement community. She has two cats Mikey and Leo who are her best buds. She enjoys reading and cooking. Sarah also volunteers with many rescues and one-day dreams of opening her own. We are proud to support her dream and help her in the future.                                    

 Our Secretary is Caitlin Rodgers who is a baker at a local Philly restaurant Love and Honey. She is a loving dog mom to Molly whom she adopted as an elderly dog. She also has a black cat named Bagura who loves to antagonize Molly. Caitlin found Bagura as a kitten on the streets of Philadelphia and couldn’t leave her behind. I knew she was right for one for the job because of her heart.

Ways to Help

Follow, like, share our Instagram, and donate. No non-profit can exist without your donations.

Where The Funds Go:

Land, enclosures, fencing, vet bills, food, clean water, tools, educational resources, etc. 

Thank you for your consideration and attention,

Sasha Moon

Advice is always welcomed 

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