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Giving Foxes a Second Chance
Animal sanctuary & anti-fur farm advocacy.

OUr Purpose


With Fur farms thriving in 23 US states, our mission is to give foxes and other animals a second chance at life and to provide a safe space for compassion and education to come together.

(the foxes in the photos are Jack and Luka of Save A Fox. Once we have our farm they will be coming home.)


We look forward to sharing our knowledge of wildlife with the public. We will be part of public events and if invited, going to schools as well.

One thing we hold close to our hearts is that education is key to compassion. 

Land Aquisition

  We are in the process of finding our forever farm. A space to call our own. In the state of Pa we are required a minimum of acres and no neighbors, because noise ordinance. This limits us in many ways and we continuously get bid out by cash offers, but we will never give up. I, Sasha, have worked hard to set aside for our down payment. If we had an investor(s) to help us with a cash offer our options would open up and we could move faster. Please consider donating, contacting about sponsoring an animal and or even investing.


our goal $220,000

our current funds $20k


Pennsylvania based 501(C)3 Non-Profit EIN 84-4545685

all donations are tax deductible 

our phone line


About Us

BREAKING NEWS: Fur farming banned in the Netherlands 🎊

  Founder Sasha Moon has set forth her life long dream of starting a wildlife sanctuary. With many years of experience in volunteering at various vet offices, wildlife sanctuaries, and rescues; she finally set in motion to spend her life putting all that education to even more use by building a sanctuary for fur farm, wildlife and slaughter house rescues. When She is not saving animals she spends most of her days in wildlife rehabilitation classes. Her goal is to give animals all the best chances possible at a happy and healthy life.    

 Here at For Fox Sake Sanctuary we are a dedicated team of 6 individuals; Sasha, Brittany, Keith, Caitlin, Joe and Sean, whose passion is to help animals. We may not be updating much and we may seem silent but don't let that confuse you. We all work full time jobs and on the side spend countless hours getting animals out of unfair situations and into second and forever homes. Until we find our farm time and space are limited but we don't let that stop us. Behind the scenes we are doing everything we can to make innocent animals lives better.

  We began in the midst of a pandemic on March 27th 2020 and we kept finding the light at the end of the tunnel. We persevered through those dark clouds and saved as many animals as we could during that trying time. We are ready to do more but we need your help. We need a space to house more animals. We recently gained an amazing Realtor Melanie Hughes who has been working so hard to get us that right farm. With more donations to put down we could speed this process up. You can be the difference to make this happen sooner. 


Ways to Help

Where The Funds Go:

Animals first alwaysvet bills, farm fund, enclosures, fencing, clean water, tools, educational resources, etc. 

As a 501(C)3 all donations are tax deductible 🎊

Donations can come in all forms;

For Fox Sake Sanctuary

P.O.Box 4134

Cherry Hill NJ 08034

(P.O. is based out of NJ to avoid losing anything through the Philadelphia mail system or having anything stolen)

PayPal forfoxsakesasha


cash or check by mail to For Fox Sake Sanctuary 


Don't forget to like, share, comment and follow our growing instagram 




Best wishe sand

wamest regards,

Team For Fox Sake Sanctuary 

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